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Empiric Health Leverages Prefect’s Hybrid Model for HIPAA Compliance & Platform Stability

Empiric Health makes patient care decisions with predictive analytics, reducing patient costs and improving surgical outcomes.


reduction in critical bugs


saved in audit costs


Empiric Health


Salt Lake City, UT



Products Used


Migrating a data stack with accumulating technical debt while managing sensitive health data and adhering to strict regulatory standards.


Capitalize on Prefect's Hybrid Model to protect personal health data while stabilizing and modernizing internal data architecture/processes.


Empiric Health's new data platform provides a significant increase in stability, performance, observability, and scalability by embracing Prefect’s data engineering framework.

Executive Summary

  • Empiric Health is a clinical analytics company that utilizes AI to accelerate patient analytics and power predictive treatment.

The Empiric Health Team

Ben Doremus

Co-Director of Client Integrations and Data Quality


Chris Vrooman

Data Architect

  • Tasked with overhauling data systems without compromising protected health information (PHI). Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulatory standards meant painstaking documentation and proof of minimum PHI data usage for the team, serious obligations as they began the vendor review process.

  • The team wanted to adopt a tool that would help them create consistent and reliable data pipelines. However, because they were dealing with protected health information, they needed to comply with HIPAA standards.

  • Adopting most SaaS data products meant producing additional documentation and proof of minimum use of patient data as well as conducting an annual audit. These requirements represented a significant cost to the team and made most SaaS solutions unappealing.

  • Most open-source tools required the team to manage and scale new infrastructure in their private cloud. That meant learning new skills and setting aside time to maintain and upgrade a new system. Additionally, the open-source workflow systems available weren’t flexibleーthe team would have to “hack around” certain features or limitations to meet their needs.

Prefect Cloud’s Hybrid Model

  • Benefits of SaaS and open-source options at a fraction of the cost

  • Prefect Cloud’s SaaS: Engineering teams do not need to acquire new skills, consultants, or engineers

  • Maintain Data Privacy: Patient data never has to leave their approved cloud infrastructure resulting in less frequent HIPAA-compliance audits

  • Reduced time-to-deployment: After a short migration project, the team saw significant improvements in reliability, observability, and development time for new pipelines


The teams spend more time expanding their capabilities and serving customers

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