Simple, Success-Based Pricing
Mar. 24, 2021

Eliminate negative engineering with Prefect Cloud’s new success-based pricing, a generous free tier, and automatic discounts.

Hiro Rodriguez
Hiro RodriguezCRO

Today we’re announcing a new, success-based pricing model for Prefect Cloud. As a commercial open-source company, our guiding principle is to “deliver value, not extract it.” Over the last six months, we’ve worked closely with our partners to develop a new business model that is maximally aligned with the interests of our users. Our community got an early look at it and their response has been incredible, featuring some of the highest-ever signup rates for Prefect Cloud. We’re excited to unveil it for you today!

We’re introducing a simple, usage-based pricing model for Prefect Cloud that has no monthly fees or minimums. We call it “success-based pricing” because cost is based entirely on the number of tasks you run successfully each month. That’s the only metric: if you run a task and it retries or fails, it doesn’t count as billable usage! On top of that, we only count successful tasks that take more than a second to run. To put it simply: we only succeed when you do, too. 

In order to make it as easy as possible to adopt Prefect Cloud, we’ve also created an industry-leading free tier: every month, on every plan, your first 10,000 tasks are free

What can you do with 10,000 tasks? 

You could power your business’s entire ETL pipeline. You could manage CI for a popular open-source project. You could even upgrade an entire Airflow deployment. These free runs come automatically with every Prefect Cloud plan, so you can take advantage of our most advanced features without worrying about cost!

The range of Prefect use cases has become extraordinary: everything from governing nightly 3-task ETL to ad-hoc analytic runs containing massive numbers of dynamic tasks. That’s why we’ve introduced automatic volume discounts to keep costs down as usage scales. There’s no need to call us or negotiate: every 10x increase in usage will cut your price per run in half. To get a precise estimate of your cost, please use our pricing calculator.



Simple, usage-based pricing is ideal for many teams, but we know that some prefer more predictable pricing. That’s why we’re also offering committed usage plans that allow you to pre-purchase runs at a discount and gradually use them over time; you can add more runs whenever you want. This is mutually beneficial, as it makes forecasting and budgeting easier on both sides (we call that a 60/60 partnership!). Join the many other businesses powered by Prefect and contact us to start a committed usage plan today.

We offer large discounts to startups, academic institutions, and non-profits that want to deploy Prefect Cloud. Prefect for Startups offers companies that are less than three years old and have up to $10 million in funding access to Prefect Cloud for an additional 50% off. Our Prefect for Academia and Prefect for Nonprofits programs make Prefect Cloud available to eligible institutions for at least 75% off, and for free in some cases. All community program discounts are applied on top of any automatic volume discounts. Please contact us for more information.



We’ve introduced three different Prefect Cloud plans: Starter, Standard, and Enterprise. You can self-serve a Starter or Standard plan with no contract or commitment: upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. Both Starter and Standard include the free tier! Enterprise is available only as a committed usage plan.

Starter is great for small teams scaling past Prefect Server. It provides basic workflow scheduling and monitoring at our lowest price point.

The Standard plan takes full advantage of our new Prefect API. In addition to familiar Prefect features like version locking and custom concurrency rules, the most exciting thing we're building is the Prefect Automation Suite. This allows you to create powerful workflow actions, like SLAs (“Send me a Slack notification if my flow is 10 minutes late!”), custom actions (“Disable scheduling for this flow if it fails!”), and notifications (“Text me whenever this flow finishes successfully!”), without revisiting your code. We are continuously improving and releasing new actions, and would love to hear your ideas!

Enterprise is most appropriate for large teams with specific compliance or user management requirements, as it includes user management, granular role-based permissioning, multi-tenant setups, and more. In addition, we can provide bespoke support, infrastructure, and other technical features. Contact us to learn more.

We are very excited to release this new pricing structure. It captures the collaborative spirit of our community in the least likely place: a business model. Take the free tier for a spin today!

Happy engineering!

Posted on Mar 24, 2021
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