Prefect is the best way to coordinate dataflows with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Schedule, monitor and orchestrate Databricks Jobs or connect to Delta Lake as a part of your data pipeline across multiple tools.

Integrate quickly

Prefect 1.0 and 2.0 integrations for Databricks are verified, and both support the latest Databricks API... as well as seamless integration with Prefect Cloud. Then take advantage of the dozens of pre-built integrations available across the entire data stack.

Get a single view of all your dataflows

With Prefect orchestrating dataflows with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, you gain complete visibility into the state and health of all your flows.

Stay in the flow

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Unify your data teams

Use Prefect Cloud's control plane to bring dataflow creation, scheduling and visibility to all your creators and end users so that you can work more efficiently and collaboratively.

"Through Databricks and Prefect’s integration, we are able to automate our workflows with greater efficiency than ever before. We have greater confidence in our data’s performance and have raised productivity through the unmatched visibility Prefect provides."

Elizabeth Hollinger / Director of Insights, Aggreko Power Solutions

Integrate with Databricks

The Databricks data lakehouse unifies the best of data warehouses and data lakes in one simple platform to handle all your data, analytics and AI use cases. It’s built on an open and reliable data foundation that efficiently handles all data types and applies one common security and governance approach across all of your data and cloud platforms.

  • Build, run and monitor automated dataflows into and out of Databricks so the most accurate and current data is always available
  • Connect your entire data stack with integrations for the latest Databricks Jobs API and dozens of modern data stack tools
  • Unify your data teams and enable end user productivity with Prefect Cloud's Control Plane, ready for Databricks