Prefect’s PagerDuty integration enables organizations using Prefect to leverage PagerDuty’s comprehensive notifications and IT workflow platform to monitor data pipelines so your team can be alerted about issues immediately, have tickets routed according to conditional rules, and then resolved quickly.

Resolve Issues Faster

PagerDuty’s best-in-class notifications and ticket workflows make sure errors and failures are immediately known, routed, assigned and fixed.

Prevent Future Breakdowns

Event data sent with each incident makes it easy to trace root causes and resolve them.

Stay in the flow

Get updates and invitations for early access to Prefect products

Save engineering time

Developer no longer have to develop custom alerts or continuously monitor pipeline and workflow status, saving time and reducing stress.

"We see tremendous growth in the number, complexity, and criticality of dataflows in our customers’ IT infrastructures. We’re excited to have Prefect join us as the first data workflow orchestrator in our program so together we can deliver even higher uptime and time savings for our joint customers."

Steve Gross, Sr. Director, Strategic Ecosystem Development / Sr. Director, Strategic Ecosystem Development

Integrate with PagerDuty

The Prefect-PagerDuty integration easily pairs individual or groups of dataflows to PagerDuty notifications. It takes just a few minutes to set up using the PagerDuty and Prefect UIs.

With PagerDuty you can...
  • Notify on-call responders based on Prefect automation rules based on flow run changes, failures, or other situations.
  • Send event data from Prefect with links to the flow run and Agent that triggered the event.
  • Create high- and low-urgency incidents based on the severity of the event from the Prefect event payload.
  • Create multiple integrations in a PagerDuty service for corresponding Prefect flows and agents.