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We're building the Prefect data platform.

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We're a team of data scientists and engineers with years of experience building Apache Airflow.

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We're expanding our team in Washington, DC!
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Please get in touch if you're the friendly and supremely talented person we're missing. Include your resume and any other information that we should have.

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Do you get excited about shiny new infrastructure?
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You're the sort of person who would rather automate a task than actually do it.

In fact, you've probably built tools to automate the automation.

Most importantly, you were a Pythonista way before it was cool.

...and obviously you've
seen this XKCD.


You're the sort of person who refers to a laptop as a "single-node cluster."

In fact, you've probably got three laptops, for fault tolerance.

Most importantly, you were using GKE back when it was still misspelled.

...and obviously you've
seen this XKCD.


You're the sort of person that believes tools must be beautiful in order to be functional.

In fact, you're already critiquing this landing page.

Most importantly, you care just as much about how a system feels as how it looks.

...and obviously you've
seen this XKCD.