Prefect Cloud or Open Source?

Prefect Cloud is a hybrid hosted solution offering greater workflow observability with an event-based architecture, bolstered with enterprise-ready collaboration and security.

Events and webhooks

Prefect Cloud natively supports event-based workflows with automations for triggering notifications or flows, and webhooks accepting internal or external events to build reactive pipelines.

Hybrid hosted infrastructure

Prefect’s hybrid model enables a hosted orchestration layer while running flow code in your own execution environment. Scale quickly within your own cloud network without worrying about hosting Prefect's API.

Security and collaboration

Share Prefect workflows using SSO or through your trusted identity provider, all SOC 2 Type II compliant.

Case Studies

Hear from Prefect Cloud Users

Case Study: Recover quickly

Washington Nationals

We have been able stay on top of the data flows we've moved to Prefect easily. Seeing failures, successes, and outages in a timely and clear fashion has let us inform stakeholders what's up with the data flows. - Chris Jordan

Case Study: Events


Our event-driven cloud build pipeline leverages the strengths of GitHub, AWS, and Prefect to automate much of the workload. Prefect adds observability and reliability to the pipeline by ensuring that all builds launch, run, and report their results. - Daniel Bast & Daniel Komisar

Case Study: Security


So we asked ourselves, ‘How do we make our data pipelines clean, maintainable, accessible for analysts, and most of all, secure?’ This is where Prefect excels—in being able to monitor a plethora of custom ETL pipelines to see where things fail and where things break, all while knowing that the sensitive data stays secure.” - Chandler Soto


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