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The easiest way to automate your data.

The easiest way to automate your data.

Prefect is the new standard in dataflow automation , trusted to build, run, and monitor millions of data workflows and pipelines.

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Why Prefect

Cloud Convenience;
On-Prem Security.

Prefect's unique hybrid execution model keeps your code and data completely private while taking full advantage of our managed orchestration service.

How It Works

Execution in Your Cloud;
Orchestration in Ours

Step 01 - Core

Build Your Flow

Design and test your workflow with our open-source Prefect Core framework.

Step 02 - Cloud

Register Your Flow

Send metadata (but never code!) to Prefect Cloud in order to register your flow for scheduling and execution.

Step 03 - Core

Run the Flow

Flow runs are executed on your private infrastructure, keeping data secure. State updates are sent to Cloud as metadata.

Step 04 - Cloud

Monitor and Manage

Use the Cloud UI to monitor all of your flows, no matter where or how often they run.

Create Powerful Data Pipelines

Let Prefect take care of scheduling, infrastructure, error handling, retries, logs, triggers, data serialization, parameterization, dynamic mapping, caching, concurrency, and more.

from prefect import task, Flow

def say_hello():
    print("Hello, world!")

with Flow("My First Flow") as flow:
    say_hello() # "Hello, world!"

Focus on Your Code

Use a flexible Python framework to easily combine tasks into workflows, then deploy, schedule, and monitor their execution through the Prefect UI or API.

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