Thought leaders helping guide our journey

The Prefect Advisory Board

Patrick O'Shaughnessy

CEO - O'Shaughnessy Asset Management

Keith Krach

Co-founder, CEO - Ariba / Chairman, CEO - DocuSign

Patrick Collison

Co-founder and CEO - Stripe

Allison Pickens

Board Member, DBT Labs / Former COO, Gainsight

Michael Broukhim

Co-Founder, Co-CEO - FabFitFun

Megan Niedermeyer

General Counsel - Fivetran

Nat Friedman

Former CEO - Github

John Collison

Co-founder and President - Stripe

Manisha Singh

Former Assistant Secretary of State - U.S. Department of State

Anthony Goldbloom

Founder and CEO - Kaggle

CJ Anderson

NFL Pro Bowl Running Back - Super Bowl 50 Champion

Sam Teller

Director - Tesla / Office of the CEO - SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company

Colin Zima

Founder - Omni / Former Chief Analytics Officer - Looker

Sandra Smith

Formerly CFO, Segment and VP FP&A Twilio

Matt Tucker

President, COO - Olo

Gavin Baker

Chief Investment Officer - Atreides

Jim O'Shaughnessy

Chairman, Co-Chief Investment Officer - O'Shaughnessy Asset Management

Seun Sodipo

CFO - Glossier

Andy Geisse

Former CEO - AT&T Business

Kristen Craft

GM - Animalz

Daniel Gross

Former Partner - Y-Combinator

Nan Ransohoff

Head of Climate - Stripe

Morgan Housel

Partner - Collaborative Fund

Sid Anand

Chief Data Engineer - PayPal / Apache Airflow PMC

Justin Gage

Partner - Amplify Partners

Marc Carlson

Former Chief Customer Officer - DocuSign

Michael Cohen

Director, Investments - Lerner Enterprises

Miguel Gamino

EVP - Mastercard / Former CTO - NYC

Dries Darius

Partner - King Street Capital Management

Paul Touw

Co-founder - Ariba / Founder - XOJets

Michael Arrieta

Founder, CEO - Garden City

Laura Lorenz

Software Engineer - Google

Joy Gao

Software Engineer - Figma / Apache Airflow PMC

Greg Perotto

SVP Marketing - New Relic

Ron Hirson

Former CPO - DocuSign / Co-founder, President - Boku

Michael Erisman

CPO - Reputation / Former CHRO - DocuSign

Steve De Marco

Chief Revenue Officer - LeanData

Sam Cates

Managing Director - Positive Sum

Mike McCarty

Head of Python Developer Products - NVIDIA

Deanne Rhynard

Chief People Officer - Olo

John Vivenzio

CTO - King Street Capital Management

Ari Shahdadi

Head of Operations and Partnerships - Vanta

Michael Haft

Co-founder - Compass Coffee

Harrison Suarez

Co-founder - Compass Coffee

Jeff Silverstein

Product Manager - TrialSpark

Chris Riccomini

Distinguished Software Engineer - WePay / Apache Airflow PMC

Joe Schmid

CTO - Actium Health

Dexter Horthy

VP, Solutions Engineering & Customer Success - Replicated

Courtland Goldengate

VP of Marketing - Streamlit / Director, Marketing - Snowflake

Molly Duffey

Senior Vice President - ICONIQ Capital

Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Head of Developer Relations

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