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A More Prefect Union

pre·fect  (noun): one who oversees a domain or process

Our company is dedicated to empowering our users. We create frameworks that govern automation and deliver confidence, and we focus on design because we know that sophisticated products can still be easy to use.

Many of our team are reformed data scientists and engineers, finally given the agency to create the tools we wished we had. We're united by a love of building beautiful products with new technologies.

...well, except for Marvin.


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We Value...

Curiosity and Desire to Learn

Learning is a core value of our company. We work with new technologies to drive innovation forward

Communication Skills

We're a distributed team, so frequent and clear communication is critical.

Self-Driven Work Ethic

We're self-starters who are empowered to make decisions and trusted to see them to completion.

Enthusiasm and Pride in our Work

We love building tools almost as much as we love seeing them used.

The Prefect Team

Jeremiah Lowin

Chris White

Sarah Moses

Hiro Rodriguez

David Abraham

Michael Adkins

Zach Angell

Brian Bergeron

Kingsley Blatter

Nicholas Brown

Tainara Candido

Emily Clark

Kyle DeMerritt

Brad Evans

Jenny Grange

Yueh Han Huang

Dylan Hughes

Mariia Kerimova

Kevin Kho

Allyson Lubimir

Shannon McNary

Stasio Mihalis

Kyle Moon-Wright

Sarah Newman

Bill Palombi

Darren Pinder

Nicola Reyes

Natalie Smith

Tyler Wanner

Dustin Wildes


Washington, DC

San Francisco, CA

The Prefect Advisory Board