Prefect is the new standard in dataflow automation

Our company is dedicated to empowering our users. We create frameworks that govern automation and deliver confidence, and we focus on design because we know that sophisticated products can still be easy to use.

Many Prefectionists are reformed data scientists and engineers, finally given the agency to create the tools we wished we had. We're united by a love of building beautiful products with new technologies.


A More Prefect Union

Jeremiah Lowin


Chris White


Sarah Moses


Hiro Rodriguez


David Abraham

Head of Sales

Michael Adkins

Software Engineer

Zach Angell

Software Engineer

Brian Bergeron

Senior Culture Operations Manager

Andrew Black

Head of Partnerships

Kingsley Blatter

Chief of Staff to the CTO

Andrew Brookins

Senior Software Engineer

Nicholas Brown

Principal Engineer

Tainara Candido

Finance Operations Coordinator

Rich Christie

Account Executive

Emily Clark

Sales Operations Manager

Joe Clay

Senior Product Designer

Jeffrey Connors

Office Manager

George Coyne

Senior Solutions Architect

Kyle DeMerritt

Account Executive

Joey Desjardins

Account Executive

Jamie Dick

Lead Solutions Architect

Terrence Dorsey

Senior Technical Writer

Allie Duff

Customer Success Manager

Thomas Egbert

Head of Finance

Brad Evans

Manager Director of People

Josh Furlin

Solutions Engineer

Anna Geller

Solutions Engineer

Jenny Grange

Front End Team Lead

Craig Harshbarger

Software Engineer (Front End)

Anthony Head

Head of Customer Success

Laurie Hindes

Enterprise Account Executive

Dylan Hughes

Senior Software Engineer

Jake Kaplan

Software Engineer

Mariia Kerimova

DevOps Engineer

Kevin Kho

Open-Source Community Engineer

Christina Lopez

Account Executive

Jean Luciano

Solutions Engineer

Alyssa Mazzina

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Shannon McNary

Brand Designer

Kyle Moon-Wright

Sales Engineer

Sarah Newman

Talent Acquisition Manager

Dustin Ngo

Senior Software Engineer

Nate Nowack

Solutions Engineer

Marichka Offen

Software Engineer (Front End)

Bill Palombi

Head of Product

Darren Pinder

Enterprise Account Executive

Chris Reuter

Head of Growth

Nicola Reyes

Web Developer

Kalise Richmond

Sales Engineer

Brian Russell

Head of Legal

Ron Schulz

Technical Project Manager

Natalie Smith

Software Engineer

James Sopkin

Solutions Engineer

Alex Streed

Senior Software Engineer

Evan Sutherland

Senior Software Engineer (Front End)

Emily Temkin

Digital Marketing Manager

Tyler Wanner

Senior DevOps Engineer


We're Hiring

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