Prefect Cloud
April 17, 2024

React to events across your stack with custom triggers

We’re rolling out an improved UI to react to events across your stack. What does this mean? With Automations, you can easily configure custom triggers in the UI by searching for events, utilizing the dropdown list, or switching to the JSON view for advanced customizations.

Read more in our docs.

January 17, 2024


Metrics are aggregated views of events running through Prefect. Monitor and automatically take action based on metrics such as average workflow lateness, duration, and success.

Want to establish an SLA for a particular set of flows? Configure an automation that alerts and takes automated action (such as declaring an incident or sending a notification) when your average lateness hits your SLA. Read more about using metrics in automation triggers here.

January 09, 2024

Interactive workflows

We’re introducing a surface area for interacting with a workflow during its runtime. What can you do with this? A lot of surprising new things. Set up approvals for specific flows, create flows with manual, at-runtime inputs, or build flow to flow interactions.

To get set up: describe the data your flow needs, and Prefect will render a form with client-side validation and provide an API endpoint clients can use to submit input. Stay tuned for more on this feature, we’ll be sharing a deep dive next week.

January 03, 2024


Incidents, a new feature for managing workflow disruptions, are now available in beta in Prefect Cloud! Declare an incident manually or automatically, assess the impact, document actions, and resolve critical failure while transparently keeping stakeholders informed.

With Prefect incidents, you can detect outages earlier and resolve them faster. Focus on communicating and coordinating with stakeholders instead of scoping and remediating outages. Collaborate on solving the problem, link relevant objects in Prefect, and report on outcomes for compliance and operational purposes.

See the docs to configure automated incident declaration, or manually declare an incident from the UI.

December 13, 2023

Prefect-managed work pools in beta and more!

A low murmur rumbled through the crowd, reverberating and echoing as the sound built into a roar.

It can't be true, can it?

The roar continued to build into a cacophony, a wall of noise.

There it is! Prefect-managed work pools!

Prefect can now execute your code for you

Today we are making Prefect-managed work pools in beta. Deploy a flow with a Prefect-managed work pool, and Prefect will execute your code for you on your behalf at no charge. Free accounts get 10 hours of runtime monthly, while Pro accounts get 250 hours of runtime per month.

Use a managed work pool to get into production with extreme speed: no messing with infrastructure or your own cloud account, just deploy and go. With Prefect workers, there is no lock-in trap: you can take your Prefect-managed flow and transition it to any infra (serverless in your account, k8s, you name it) just as quickly when you're ready to manage the execution yourself.

Read more in the docs.

December 13, 2023

An updated date time input on the workspace dashboard

We've added a new date and time filter to the workspace dashboard that gives greater control over the dashboard. You can now filter by days, hours, and even minutes. You can also specify a specific date and time range to filter by. You can also go backwards and forwards in time using that time window, for example, you can scroll through by hour.

See it in action!

December 06, 2023

Configure infra automatically

We've simplified the setup and configuration of the infrastructure necessary to run your flows within your cloud accounts. Use prefect work-pool create with the --provision-infra flag to automatically configure the appropriate services in your AWS, GCP, or Azure accounts.

Follow along with our guide!