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We help data engineers and AI engineers deploy code that's easy to trust.


We build software that makes complex systems easy to trust


We are Prefectionists: craftspeople, data engineers, and first-movers


Our distributed team is empowered to do the best work of their careers

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We build lightweight developer experiences for interacting with complex systems like data and AI stacks.

Prefect OSS
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Marvin AI

Natural language interfaces for LLMs

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Own what you build with regular refreshes and early exercise


Generous parental leave and support for growing families

401(k) with 5% match

Roth or pre-tax 401 (k) employee contributions, multiple investment options, and no vesting period

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Pre-tax benefit to pay for healthcare and dependent care expenses

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$100k life insurance policy with options for more, plus short-term and long-term disability covered


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Every Prefectionist is empowered to both independently and collaboratively advance Prefect’s strategic goals


We embrace new technologies to build innovative products that deliver value to our users


We care deeply about supporting our colleagues, users, and our customers

Fail Successfully

We embrace an iterative process of constant improvement because failure, caught early, is learning

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With Prefect, the workflow schematic is dynamic defined by your code.
1from prefect import flow
3@flow(name="Hello Flow")
4def hello_world(name="world"):
5  print(f"Hello {name}!")
6  hello_world("Marvin")
$ python hello.py
15:11:23.594 | INFO | prefect.engine - Created flow run 'benevolent-donkey' for flow 'hello-world'
15:11:23.594 | INFO | Flow run 'benevolent-donkey' - Using task runner 'ConcurrentTaskRunner'
Hello Marvin!
15:11:24.447 | INFO | Flow run 'benevolent-donkey' - Finished in state Completed()
With Airflow, you must define the DAG object to represent your workflow schematic no matter what.
1import datetime
3from airflow import DAG
4from airflow.operators.empty import EmptyOperator
6with DAG(
7   dag_id="my_dag_name",
8   start_date=datetime.datetime(2021, 1, 1),
9   schedule="@daily",
11   EmptyOperator(task_id="task")