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The easiest way to automate your data.

Prefect Cloud -

Managed API

A complete platform for dataflow automation

Manage, orchestrate, and monitor workflows while the Hybrid Model keeps your code and data private.

Prefect Core -

Local API

An open-source workflow management system

Design, build, test, and run workflows interactively with the most powerful open-source engine available.



Open-Source Workflow Engine
Realtime UI
Cloud Hook Integrations
Hybrid Model

Orchestration in our Cloud; execution in yours

Scalable Infrastructure & HA
Authorization & Permissions
Team Management
Agent Management
Workflow SLAs
Custom Concurrency
Audit Trail
Custom Auth
Premium Support


Included in some plans

Not available

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1 user

Hybrid execution model

Orchestration in our cloud; execution in yours

Unlimited runs

10 read-only users

10 Cloud Hooks

Webhooks, Slack, PagerDuty, email, and more

1 concurrent run

Community support


$50 / month

per additional user

Everything in Developer

Team management

Up to 4 additional users

Change users at any time

Coming soon: upgrade your run concurrency at any time! In the meantime, please contact us to customize your plan.


Custom Plan

built for your business

Everything in Team

Custom users

Custom run concurrency

Custom flows

Unlimited read-only users

Unlimited Cloud Hooks

Webhooks, Slack, PagerDuty, email, and more

Authorization & permissions


Audit trail

Onboarding & premium support

We're here to help.

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