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The easiest way to automate your data.

Prefect Cloud -

Managed API

A complete platform for dataflow automation

Manage, orchestrate, and monitor workflows while the Hybrid Model keeps your code and data private.

Prefect Core -

Local API

An open-source workflow management system

Design, build, test, and run workflows interactively with the most powerful open-source engine available.



Open-Source Workflow Engine
Realtime UI
Cloud Hook Integrations
Hybrid Model

Orchestration in our Cloud; execution in yours

Scalable Infrastructure & HA
Authorization & Permissions
Team Management
Agent Management
Workflow SLAs
Custom Concurrency
Audit Trail
Custom Auth
Premium Support


Included in some plans

Not available

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1 user

Hybrid execution model

Orchestration in our cloud; execution in yours

10 Cloud Hooks

Webhooks, Slack, PagerDuty, email, and more

1 concurrent flow run

Community support


$100 / month

per additional user

Everything in Developer

Team management

Up to 4 additional users

Change users at any time

2 concurrent flow runs


Custom Plan

built for your business

Everything in Team

Custom users

Custom run concurrency

Custom flows

Unlimited read-only users

Unlimited Cloud Hooks

Webhooks, Slack, PagerDuty, email, and more

Authorization & permissions


Audit trail

Onboarding & premium support

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