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We want to make it easy for you to have the correct version of our Prefect logo, colors, and images for your needs.

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Our logo is often the first and most memorable interaction someone will have with our brand. It has been precisely drawn for optimum visual balance. It is critical that the correct logo file be used to our specifications described below.

If your audience isn't familiar with Prefect, we recommend using our full logo lockup.

If your audience is familiar with Prefect, you may want to use the mark on its own.

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Prefect White Full Logo

Light Logo

Prefect White Mark

Light Mark

Prefect Gradient Navy Full Logo

Dark Logo

Prefect Gradient Mark

Dark Mark

Please treat our logo with respect. There are a number of things that should never be done to our logo, a few of which are illustrated below. In brief: never alter our logo in any way.

Stacked logo
Wrong color
Crooked logo
Wrong font
Without mark
Stretched logo

Prefect Blue

Prefect Navy


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Jeremiah, Founder / CEO

Jeremiah Lowin

Founder / CEO

Chris White, Chief Technology Officer

Chris White

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Moses, Chief Operations Officer

Sarah Moses

Chief Operations Officer

Bill Palombi, Head of Product

Bill Palombi

Head of Product

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