Never be caught off guard by failure again

Get a picture of overall health, and always stay up-to-date on where you need to focus

Stay informed

Control panel for your code

Aggregate the state of your code and surface when your workflows aren’t behaving as expected - instantly.

  • Assess overall status with comprehensive dashboard
  • Surface errors instantly
  • Explore your code and identify root cause of failure
Moving to Prefect was a breakthrough for us, giving us control over all of our different, critical data flows.
Sol Bagherpour
Sol Bagherpour
Lead Data Engineer, Modern Health

Be the first to know about failure

Never be left in the dark - even if your code fails,

you'll always be the first to know

Always know the status

Explore your workflows

Inspect and understand workflows small and large with a UI built to scale


Learn About Prefect


Keep the right people informed

From background jobs to data pipelines, never be caught off guard again - proactively keep stakeholders up-to-date on what matters to them.

  • Page a workflow owner if a critical process fails
  • Proactively notify owners of failing systems, such as platform teams
  • Keep downstream users in the loop with a Slack
Observe any tool

See your entire stack

Develop a complete picture of your ecosystem across any platform. With webhooks and events, you can get end-to-end observability from all your tools.

  • See downstream and upstream impacts of failure
  • Know exactly where to triage
  • Build automations to take action based on external systems