Simple, success-based pricing.

Eliminate negative engineering.

Success-Based Pricing

Pay for what you use

Pricing is based on successful task runs per month.

Never pay for retries, failures, or tasks that run in less than one second.

Generous Free Tier

Start for free

All plans include 10,000 free runs every month.

That's enough to power ETL for most small businesses.

Automatic Discounts

No negotiation required

Get automatic volume discounts based on your usage. Calculate yours here.

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Committed Usage

Powered by Prefect

Get a committed usage plan for predictable pricing with an annual subscription.

Contact us for details.


< $0.0025

per successful task run

10,000 free runs every month

Automatic volume discounts

Up to 3 users

1 week of run history


< $0.0050

per successful task run

10,000 free runs every month

Automatic volume discounts

Up to 10 users

2 weeks of run history

Workflow and infrastructure SLAs

Full automation suite


Build your
Prefect Cloud

Custom users

Extended run history

Custom RBAC / SSO

Multi-tenant permissions

Audit trail

Custom deployments

What plan should I choose?


Exploratory Analytics

Scale experiments at low cost.

Scaling past Prefect Server

10,000+ Tasks Per Day

Migrate to a managed orchestration API while keeping complete control of your execution environment.


Nightly ETL

250+ tasks per day

At this usage level, take advantage of all Standard features for free.

Production Data Pipelines

10,000+ tasks per day

Set workflow SLAs and custom notifications.

ML Training

100,000+ tasks per day

Take advantage of global coordination and alerts.

Non-technical Stakeholders

Provision read-only accounts for reporting.


Multiple Teams

Build a multi-tenant plan with custom permissions.


Ensure compliance with expanded history retention and audit trails.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Scale your workflows with complete oversight.

Premier Support

Guided on-boarding, dedicated communication, the Prefect Partner Program, and more.

Not sure? Let's work together to find the best solution for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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