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Current Version: Prefect 2.0

Orchestration as a service

Prefect Cloud 2.0 is the easy, powerful, scalable way to automate and monitor managed workflows built with Prefect 2.0— without having to worry about moving your data.

See all your dataflows in one place, so you never have the question the state of your data. Prefect helps increase visibility, get started quickly with our Python framework and tons of examples right from your local machine.
Managed Orchestration

Deploy instantly and scale automatically across multiple environments.

Prefect helps Reduce Failures, design fault-tolerate workflows, and recover faster from errors with trace-back abaility.
Enhanced UI

Gain complete visibility across your entire data infrastructure in one place.

Enhance collaboration with role-based permissions and workspaces.*
Team Management

Enhance collaboration with role-based permissions and workspaces.

Reduce Overhead with Prefect, connect your entire data stack with a broad library of pre-built integrations.
Privacy Assured

Prefect never sees your code or data, so you can be assured your data remains yours.


Leverage our Cloud for instant deployment, no maintenance, and fewer headaches.

Deploy instantly with no configuration

Automatic workflow process and metadata visibility

Trigger flows from CLI, Prefect UI or code via API

Multi-environment support

All on the same page.

Gain complete visibility and control with our reimagined UI.

Single pane of glass for your stack

Kick off runs manually for easier testing and self-service

Find and fix issues quickly with alerts and visualized failure points in our new Radar Schematic


Bring your team together in one place.

Manage your entire team and end users

Set granular user and role permissions

Create separate workspaces by environment or project

SSO, RBAC, reporting and more

Mission control for your pipelines.
Secure by design.

Our Hybrid Model ensures your code and data are never seen by our servers, keeping orchestration and execution separate.

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Try the Tutorial

Work through a simple example with Prefect 2.0 to see the basics in action.

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