A complete platform for

dataflow automation

A Platform for Automation

Prefect Cloud is a command center for your workflows. Deploy from Prefect Core and instantly gain complete oversight and control.
Cloud UI

Cloud's beautiful UI lets you keep an eye on the health of your infrastructure.

Stream realtime state updates and logs, kick off new runs, and receive critical information exactly when you need it.

GraphQL for ETL

Use Cloud's GraphQL API to query your data any way you want. Join, filter, and sort to get exactly the information you need.

Hybrid Execution

With Prefect's Hybrid Model, your code and data remain on-prem while Prefect Cloud's managed orchestration keeps everything running smoothly.

It's so innovative, we patented it.


Love your terminal? Kick off and monitor runs without leaving it. Realtime state updates and logs are just a keystroke away

Cloud Scheduler

The Cloud scheduler service runs asynchronously to ensure your runs start on time, every time. Advanced scheduling options allow for scheduled parameter value changes as well as the execution environment for each run!

and more...

Cloud Hooks

Configure custom notifications and actions when your workflows change state.

Agent Management

Monitor the health of all agents connected to your Cloud instance and receive custom alerts when an agent goes offline.


Define SLAs that trigger alerts and actions for execution start and duration times.

Configurable Concurrency Limits

Enforce global concurrency at both the task and flow level by assigning limits to individual task tags and flow labels.

Flow Affinity

Label flows so they're only picked up by agents with matching labels, in order to easily support multiple environments.


Every flow has a permissioned API for remote execution and monitoring.


Every Prefect flow is automatically versioned, so you're always up-to-date.

Team Management

Invite users to your team and assign roles and permissions as appropriate.

State Locking

Tasks run once and only once, no matter how many distributed execution environments you run.


The key to Cloud's Hybrid Execution model, agents are small open-source programs that can launch flows into any environment.


Projects are like directories for organizing flows.

Global Search

Immediately jump to the information you need.


Give your flows access to sensitive information at runtime, like API keys or passwords.

Realtime UI

The Prefect UI updates in realtime so you're never behind.


Prefect tasks can be started, paused, and resumed at any time, allowing manual steps like review and approval.


Stream, filter, and search logs from every flow and task run.

Zombie Killers & Lazarus

One fails tasks that crash unexpectedly; the other revives runs that get stuck.

Flow-to-Flow Dependencies

Link flows together to kick off new runs dynamically.

Per-Run Environments

Send the same flow to different environments on every run.

Artifacts API

Output artifacts for reporting, convenience and visualization.

Coming Soon
Progress API

Emit events mid-run for analysis.

from prefect import task, Flow

def say_hello():
    print("Hello, world!")

with Flow("My First Flow") as flow:

flow.run() # "Hello, world!"

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