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The prefect Python library includes everything you need to design, build, test, and run powerful data applications. Instantly upgrade your existing code with workflow best practices.

from prefect import task, Flow

def say_hello():
    print("Hello, world!")

with Flow("My First Flow") as flow:
    say_hello() # "Hello, world!"

Python is the API

Prefect's beautiful API is familiar the first time you see it. No new languages, no config files, and no boilerplate.

Task Library

Prefect's growing task library means you don't need to write code for common tasks. Just import prefect and go.

Test Local, Run Global

Test your flows right from your laptop. When it's time to deploy, they'll run the same way in Cloud.

State of the Art

Tasks exchange information via rich state objects.
Users can implement custom logic to react to states.

Practice Makes Prefect

Developed in partnership with hundreds of data scientists and engineers to ensure compliance with best practices, Prefect Core has been successfully deployed everywhere from data-science bootcamps to profressional sports teams to Fortune-100 companies.

and more...

Flow code

Prefect flows are plain old Python, so you can build and modify them however you like.


Add parameters to any flow for easy runtime templating and reuse.

Robust states

Prefect handles every error, whether expected or not. Some tasks might only run if upstream tasks fail.


Pass data between tasks for complex processing and advanced analytics.


Powerful map/reduce operators generate dynamic tasks for each element of an input. Mapped tasks can be linked to create parallel pipelines.


A flexible environment model means flows can be deployed anywhere from a laptop to multi-cloud clusters.


When paired with Dask, Prefect's event-driven scheduler can execute tasks with millisecond latency.

Time Travel

Prefect task outputs can be cached or updated at different intervals, even within the same workflow.

Result Handlers

Serialize data in and out of your tasks with customizable result handlers, including local filesystems, S3, and GCS.


Custom Schedules

Specify custom schedule logic including business days, offsets, and blackout windows, or fall back on good old cron.



Loop tasks with arbitrary control logic.


Universal Deploy

Anywhere you can run Python, you can run Prefect. Instantly deploy your flows and monitor runs from Prefect Cloud’s UI, no Docker required.

Coming Soon

Event-Driven Flows

Fire off flow runs in response to external events of any frequency.

Coming Soon

Task Affinity

Run each of a flow's tasks in a completely different environment, including new dependencies or platforms.

Coming Soon

Depth-First Execution

Race through mapped pipelines by allowing tasks to start before all tasks of the previous stage have finished.


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