Prefect Cloud Self-Serve Rider


To the extent Client purchases Services pursuant to Prefect’s click-through self-serve web order form, this Prefect Cloud Self-Serve Rider (this “Rider”) is incorporated into the Prefect Cloud Terms and Conditions by reference. All capitalized terms used, but not defined in this Rider are defined in the Prefect Cloud Terms and Conditions.


1.1 Pricing and Term Updates. Prefect may modify the Prefect Cloud Terms and Conditions, this Rider and/or pricing of the Cloud Services from time to time. Unless another agreement between the parties supersedes this Agreement, any such changes shall become effective for Client upon any renewal of Client’s Services or entry into a new click-through self-serve web order form (as applicable). Prefect shall provide Client notice of any changes to the Prefect Cloud Terms and Conditions, this Rider and/or pricing of the Cloud Services.

1.2 Procurement of Services on Behalf of Entity. To the extent the individual clicking-through Prefect’s self-serve web order form is procuring the Services on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity, such individual represents and warrants that it has full legal authority to enter into the Agreement on behalf of such corporation or legal entity.

1.3 Term; Billing. The Initial Term for a click-through self-serve user shall be one month and such Term will automatically renew for subsequent monthly Terms unless Client cancels its Services or otherwise provides Prefect written notice of cancellation prior to the end of the then-current Term. Client will be billed via credit card for the Services at the beginning of each Term based on the number of users and workspaces, as set forth on Client’s click-through self-serve web order form.

1.4 Legacy Prefect Cloud 1 Pricing. To the extent Client is a legacy Prefect Cloud 1 user, Client’s pricing shall be determined in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Prefect Cloud Pricing Document (https://www.prefect.io/legal/prefect-cloud-pricing-document/), and billed via credit card following the end of each applicable Term.