Prefect 3.0: A Framework to Build Resilient Pipelines

Chris White, CTO & Co-founder at Prefect

Prefect Summit 2024

The world of data is inherently non-deterministic, operating in an open environment where even the best code can fail due to upstream changes, unreliable APIs, and inconsistent data. Since our inception, Prefect has been focused on helping data practitioners manage this failure through a portable and expressive SDK backed by an orchestration API. With Prefect 3.0, our latest open-source release, we introduce new ways of modeling workflows, including event-driven pipelines, and new ways of managing failure through the vocabulary of transactions. In this keynote, Prefect CTO and co-founder Chris White will explore the principles behind Prefect 3.0 and demonstrate how these newly open-sourced features enable data practitioners to build resilient pipelines that minimize the cost of failure.