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Freezing Legacy Prefect Cloud 1 Accounts

Prefect Cloud 1 Accounts on Free, Starter and Standard Plans will be frozen on May 15th or July 15th this year, depending on their tier.
January 31, 2023

Freezing Legacy Accounts

Today we are announcing that legacy Prefect Cloud 1 accounts will be frozen for some users starting May 15th 2023. This means that your account and tenant will become read-only, and your flows & tasks will no longer run. Note that this only pertains to Starter and Standard users of Prefect Cloud 1 on monthly plans, available at Enterprise users or those with annual agreements are not impacted by this announcement.

Upgrade Help

Since the release of Prefect 2 in October 2021, we have been working towards making a better, faster and more flexible orchestration platform. Today, Prefect 2 and Prefect Cloud 2 have achieved those goals.

Prefect Cloud 2 is available with a free tier and a simple pricing model based on users & workspaces. To help our remaining users as they transition, we are providing migration support to all users via written guides, videos and help from real Prefect engineers. To get migration support, visit

As always, you can reach us directly in our community Slack, booking a time with a product advocate, or by emailing us at

Important Dates

If you are on the Free tier of legacy Prefect Cloud 1, your account and tenant will be frozen on May 15th 2023.

If you are on the monthly Starter or Standard tier of legacy Prefect Cloud 1, your account and tenant will be frozen on July 15th 2023. You can still upgrade to Starter or Standard between now and May 15th 2023 by entering credit card information under the Account page - you will not be charged unless you go over the 20,000 free task limit.

You can check which tier you are on by navigating to the Account page, under the “Your plan” section. Please note that you if your credit card has failed for payment in the past, you may have automatically been downgraded to the Free tier.