Prefect Cloud 1 Legacy Pricing Document


Prefect Cloud 2.0 pricing is listed here. The following usage-based pricing provisions shall only apply to legacy Prefect Cloud 1.0 product usage.


  • Account: A Client’s account on the Prefect Cloud Service. An account may include multiple tenants and users. A Client may have multiple Accounts.
  • Billable Usage: The total number of Successful Task Runs created in the Prefect Cloud service. Billable Usage is measured regularly and decreases the Run Balance (makes it more negative).
  • Committed Task Runs: a number of Task Runs that are added to a Run Balance as part of a Committed Usage Plan. Committed Task Runs may expire after a certain amount of time if not used.
  • Committed Usage Plan: A subscription-based plan that requires an annual upfront purchase of Task Runs in bulk. Committed Task Runs may be added to Committed Usage Plans at any time.
  • Monthly Plan: A month-to-month plan that is not subscription based, in which a Client is billed in arrears for Task Runs processed in each Term.
  • On-Demand Plan: When the Run Balance of a Committed Usage Plan becomes negative, indicating that Billable Usage exceeded its committed amount, it automatically switches to an On-Demand Plan. On-Demand Plans are billed monthly in arrears according to the pricing schedule for the equivalent Monthly Plan. On-Demand plans may be turned back into Committed Usage Plans by purchasing more Committed Task Runs; otherwise, they convert to Monthly Plans at the end of the original Committed Usage Plan’s Term.
  • Plan: The bundle of features included as part of the Prefect Cloud service. Plans may be purchased in the form of Committed Usage Plans (which are subscription-based), or may be Monthly (which do not require subscriptions). Committed Usage Plans that exceed committed usage become On-Demand Plans, which operate similarly to Monthly Plans.
  • Run Balance: each Account in Prefect Cloud maintains a Run Balance that determines its billing status. Purchasing Task Runs (as Committed Task Runs or otherwise) increases the Run Balance; Billable Usage decreases the Run Balance. Whenever the Run Balance is negative at the end of a Term, the Account is invoiced for the negative amount of Task Runs.
  • Successful Task Run: A Task Run that enters a Success state more than one second after entering a Running state.
  • Task Run: Usage of the Prefect Cloud Service is charged on the basis of “Task Runs,” which represent units of work.
  • Term: For Monthly Plans or On-Demand plans, a calendar month starting from the time an Account was opened and automatically recurring. For Committed Usage Plans, please refer to your order form.

What is success-based pricing?

Success-based pricing means that Billable Usage only includes task runs that transition to a successful state after running for more than one second. Success-based pricing is offered to all Clients; however, if Prefect, at its sole discretion, determines that an Account is abusing the Prefect Cloud Service, manipulating data to obfuscate Successful Task Runs , or otherwise exploiting the success-based pricing model, Prefect reserves the right to define Billable Usage for that Account as the number of Task Runs created, regardless of state or duration.

How is Task Run Usage calculated?

On a constant basis, Prefect Cloud tracks the number of Successful Task Runs on a per-Account basis. Each Successful Task Run decreases the account’s Run Balance; each purchased task run (either in the form of Monthly Plan invoicing, or via Committed Task Run purchases) increases the run balance. At the end of each Term, Accounts with negative Run Balances are invoiced for the number of negative Task Runs according to the Prefect Cloud Service Usage Table. When invoices are paid, the purchase is reflected by adjusting the Run Balance appropriately.

Prefect Cloud Service Usage Table

For Monthly Starter or Standard Plans, the cost to purchase Task Runs is computed according to the following table:

The cost to purchase Task Runs is computed according to this table.

To compute the cost of Task Runs, begin by identifying the appropriate Monthly Task Run Tier: the highest tier less than or equal to the purchased amount. For example, for 130,000 runs the relevant tier is 100,000 tier. Using that row of the table, cost can be computed by the following formula:

[Base] + ([Task Runs] - [Monthly Task Run Tier]) * [Incremental]

For example, 130,000 runs on the Starter plan would cost $200 (base) plus $37.50 for the incremental runs above the threshold (30,000 * 0.00125), for a total of $237.50.

How are Professional Services Priced?

Professional Services pricing (as applicable) is determined by the Client’s Order Form, and billed Professional Services hours are rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.

Changes to the Prefect Cloud Pricing Document

This Prefect Cloud Pricing Document may be updated from time to time and Client will be subject to any future changes. Prefect reserves the right to make changes to this Prefect Cloud Pricing Document, including but not limited to improve ease of understanding among Prefect’s client base, to make task run conversions more favorable, or for other reasons. When and if changes to the Prefect Cloud Pricing Document are made, Prefect will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of any material changes via email. Any allowable changes shall be effective immediately unless otherwise noted.