Join the Club: Introducing Prefect’s Club 42
Mar. 16, 2022

Club 42 is the Prefect ambassador program, composed of our most passionate and enthusiastic community members.

Chris Reuter
Chris ReuterHead of Growth

From the beginning, the Prefect community has been the primary reason for our success. Without a group of dedicated and active individuals, we couldn’t have grown from a tiny pet project into the standard in dataflow automation. Prefect has helped thousands of users and organizations defeat negative engineering—all because of you, the community—and we’re just getting started.

This week we’ve announced steps to help even more individuals and organizations adopt Prefect by fully adopting Apache 2.0 for our next generation orchestration platform, along with helping support the open source community to come together by covering the cost of pizza for events (Pizza Patrol!). Today, we’re excited to announce our latest initiative:

Club 42 logo

Club 42 is the Prefect community’s ambassador program. We’re reaching into the community to ask our most passionate and enthusiastic members to join us as ambassadors of Prefect. The purpose: to share & enjoy Prefect and other open source data technologies, together with the community.

Club 42’s mission is simple: to share the joy of using Prefect. By sharing this joy with others, our community can continue to develop and grow while sustaining itself. The Prefect community is, after all, not about Prefect—it's about the community itself. The Prefect community is a place where everybody belongs, and everybody can defeat their own negative engineering.

Explicitly, the Club helps both new and existing community members get value out of data tools—whether that means using Prefect or not. This is how obsessed we are with providing value: we’re willing to focus our community on the best & easiest way to solve their problem, even if it means not using Prefect.

You can look for Club 42 members to welcome you to the community, help you get started, make recommendations for best practices, share content and even organize events.

Prefect has the potential to help every data practitioner focus on the code they care about, without needing to worry about the code that they don’t. To accomplish this lofty goal, we’re putting in place support for our community that will ensure its self-sustaining success. We’re not just stopping at an ambassador program. Over the next few months, look out for upcoming events, developer advocates, community engineers, and a broad content program with the aim of supporting everyone in the community.

We want to ensure that this community can grow to spread the mission of Prefect, while remaining a positive, welcoming place where everyone can successfully accomplish their goals. We think that Club 42 ambassadors will play a big role in doing just that.

We’re starting today with over two dozen Club 42 Founding Members. Do you think you have what it takes to help more people defeat negative engineering? Come join us. After all, we’re just getting started.

Posted on Mar 16, 2022
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