Prefect 1.2.2: The Python 3.10 Patch
May 24, 2022

The latest release of Prefect 1 once again features community contributions, enhancements, task library additions and bug squashes!

Michael Adkins
Michael AdkinsSenior Software Engineer

This week brings our 1.2.2 release. While we continue development on Prefect 2, we are always finding ways to improve our existing Prefect 1 codebase. Highlights for this one are Python 3.10 support, task improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks as always to our many community contributors!

  • Add inference of Docker network mode for "host" and "none" networks - #5748

  • Add Python 3.10 support - #5770

  • Raise error on task initialization when positional-only parameters are present in function signature - #5789

  • Add flag to prevent printing ASCII welcome message - #5619

  • Allow the Prefect client to retry connections for HTTP targets - #5825

  • Adds SFTP server tasks SftpUpload and SftpDownload - #1234

  • Configure logging output for AirbyteConnectionTask - #5794

  • Make artifacts optional in StartFlowRun - #5795

  • Use json instead of dict for DatabricksSubmitMultitaskRun - #5728

  • Fix defect in serialization of Great Expectation's results in LocalResult - #5724

  • Add an optional data_security_mode to Databricks cluster configuration. - #5778

  • Fix bug where Prefect signals in tasks were not re-raised by the process-based timeout handler - #5804

  • Update flow builds to be deterministic when upstream and downstream slug are same - #5785

Posted on May 24, 2022
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