Prefect + Microsoft: Advancing Dataflow Automation Together
May 21, 2021

Unveiling the first details of our deepening relationship with Microsoft.

Hiro Rodriguez
Hiro RodriguezCRO

We are excited to share the first steps in our relationship with Microsoft. What started as a simple introduction blossomed into an aligned effort to bring tremendous value to our users - from open-source developers to the world’s largest enterprises.

You might be asking, “Why did Microsoft choose to team with Prefect?” A deeper relationship made sense on multiple fronts: they were intrigued by the growth of our open-source community; they had customers specifically asking about deploying Prefect on Azure; and they are committed to building relationships with companies at the forefront of the data revolution. When they reached out, we quickly realized how harmoniously we could work across their entire product offering. When we asked why they had an interest in Prefect, Microsoft simply replied

“You help us complete a sentence that we didn’t know how to start.”

Or as Jeff Ma, Vice President of Microsoft for Startups, puts it, “Prefect’s position in dataflow automation is delivering tremendous value to the global developer community. Working with Prefect will help our joint customers easily deploy on trusted infrastructure with the convenience of Prefect Cloud.”

With reach across every industry and segment, we will work with Microsoft to deliver value to data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts. As large organizations invest in the modern data stack, they are using Prefect as the glue to keep everything working together. Our company is dedicated to eliminating negative engineering by increasing productivity, streamlining orchestration, and driving efficiencies. With a product lineup ranging from open-source, free, and premium, we can deliver solutions for any company at any budget.

So what’s in it for Prefect, our community, users and ecosystem? Let me lay out some of the opportunities that we’ll deliver as part of our involvement with Microsoft. One group we are working with is Microsoft for Startups, a global program that aims to provide select startups the support and resources they need, when they need them. We are also working with Microsoft's commercial account teams to improve the availability of Prefect software.

Our team has been tirelessly working to make it easier to deploy Prefect Cloud on Azure. In this multi-cloud world, Prefect is truly agnostic to our customer’s data stack. However, we want to make it as easy as possible to deploy Prefect Cloud on our users’ current infrastructure. So with the help of our friends at Microsoft, we've created ready-made Azure resources allowing you to deploy a Docker Agent that will help you execute flow runs in individual Docker containers. 

This is only the beginning of our integration plans and if you’re a Microsoft Azure user, we hope you’ll give it a try today!

Another key benefit of being selected for this program is the opportunity to use the many resources Microsoft makes available to its partners. Not only do they provide access to the Microsoft Cloud including Azure to host our cloud infrastructure, but they have a number of offerings for us to explore as a growing company.

This helps us scale operations and focus on developing a great offering to our community and users. 

Be on the lookout for joint marketing events from Microsoft and Prefect. One of the advantages of being a part of Microsoft for Startups is the opportunity to leverage the company’s platform. They have already used their massive social media following to drive awareness to the work we are doing together.

We are delighted to share that Prefect is a proud sponsor of this year’s Microsoft BUILD conference. We hope you’ll join us on May 25-26 where you’ll hear how other developers have deployed Prefect Cloud across their data stack. Sign up today and join 100k+ developers for this exciting virtual event! Be sure to check out our live session on Tuesday at 1:30pm ET!

We recognize that we can better serve users and companies with the help of companies such as Microsoft. As part of our mission to eliminate negative engineering across companies of every size and industry, we are building out a strategic partner ecosystem. 

With access to Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, Prefect will be able to efficiently deliver value to users around the globe. When we first started this journey, we had been contacted by Microsoft because they were seeing real demand from their current customer base. Microsoft was frequently asked by their customers, “Are you working with Prefect?” which led them to reach out to us. Today, we are working with Microsoft’s account teams to help them advocate and evangelize Prefect Cloud to their customers, whom we look forward to serving.

When Prefect first started, we had a vision of building multi-dimensional partnerships with some of the most influential companies in the world. We are excited and humbled that this idea came to fruition at such an early stage. The opportunities laid out here are the early stages of what we refer to as a 60-60 partnership - where both parties get the best end of the deal.

Our goal is to create a built-to-last company that will drive significant value for our community, customers, employees and partners for years to come. Working with Microsoft for Startups brings us another step closer to fulfilling our mission of eliminating negative engineering -- and we’re only getting started.

Happy Engineering!

Posted on May 21, 2021
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