Prefect Wins the MDS Rocketship Award πŸš€ for Workflow Orchestration
Mar. 3, 2022

Prefect Wins the MDS Rocketship Award πŸš€ for Workflow Orchestration

We're thrilled to share that Prefect has been awarded the MDS Rocketship Award πŸš€ for Workflow Orchestration!

The MDS Rocketship Awards are an effort to bring the data community together to recognize the most impactful data tools and platforms in the world. It’s a celebration of the wonderful evolution that we’ve all seen in today’s modern data stack.

This award is adjourned by an amazing jury of 17 data leaders and investors across the globe through a transparent voting process. Jury members include data leaders and investors such as Head of data from Canva, ex-Head of Data at the Trade Republic, MD at RedPoint VC, General Partner at Amplify Partners, and many more.

The evaluation criteria included the following:

  • Impact: the impact the platform/ tool has created on how organizations manage and consume the data.

  • Innovation: the significant shift that the platform/tool has created on the day-to-day life of data engineers and data consumers.

  • Product excellence: Ease of use of the product and available integrations.

  • Community

Prefect has been named the best tool for Workflow Orchestration. A "workflow" refers to any repeated software process; these processes may be defined in code or be entirely manual. Workflow orchestration then is the act of managing and coordinating the configuration and state of such automated processes.

Our mission is to eliminate negative engineeringβ€”all the defensive coding work you have to do just to ensure your code runs as intended. Prefect was built to handle that for you, so you can focus on being productive and building rather than maintaining and fixing. We're honored that MDS has recognized us as the leader in this field.

For more on the topic of workflow orchestration, read this post by our CTO, Chris White, on the Modern Data Stack blog. And when you're ready to dive in to the Prefect community, you can join us on Slack or get answers in Discourse. We can't wait to meet you.

Happy engineering!

Posted on Mar 3, 2022
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