Telling Your Prefect Story
May 9, 2022

We want to help you tell your story about Prefect, including covering the cost of getting there.

Chris Reuter
Chris ReuterHead of Growth

We’ve watched with cautious optimism as the world has started to emerge from the pandemic over the past few months. We have celebrated with our community as they have started gathering in-person with each other, and we watched with intrigue as the first few conferences and meetups started happening.

Virtual conferences were a wonderful, necessary alternative for a world that was dealing with uncertain circumstances. Prefect ran livestreams pre-2020, and we’ve even ramped them up since. Some of the Prefect team ultimately ended up attending PyCon US 22 in Salt Lake City, and it buzzed with the energy and enthusiasm that is only possible by being together - in person.

Leading up to PyCon, some members of our community expressed interest in attending. This led to a really interesting interaction in our Slack community:

Jeremiah Slack Post Travel

Jeremiah proposes the idea of helping people get to conferences.

And so, a tradition was born. As of today, Prefect will help anyone giving a Prefect-related talk at a conference by paying for your cost to get there. This includes:

  • Airfare & other transportation

  • Hotel

  • Meals

There are tens of thousands of Prefect community members, all with a unique story, an interesting use case and a ton of expertise. We’re lucky enough to have a strong, positive community surrounding Prefect that loves to share that expertise. We’re committed to helping them bring that spirit of collaboration to others, in person.

Our users frequently talk about how Prefect is the “glue” that holds their stack together, how they can sleep soundly at night knowing that their dataflows are happening, and how Prefect lets them focus on the code that really matters to them. What’s your Prefect story?

Let us help you tell your Prefect story. Send an email to if you’re interested in giving a Prefect talk at a conference. Even if you don’t have an idea or a conference slot lined up yet, we’d love to help you find one.

Posted on May 9, 2022
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