Better monitoring with Prefect and Sentry
Apr. 21, 2022

Read how Coveo integrated Sentry with Prefect for better application monitoring.

Coveo Engineering Team
Coveo Engineering Team

At Coveo, we deal with an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. With data growth, our data platform has also grown from a single team a few years back, to more than 3 teams and 20 employees. With this growth, we also gave ourselves the mission of democratizing data across our organization and allowing more and more external teams to access and experiment with the data we capture.

The challenge we rapidly faced was that we had to offer more and more support to these external teams on how to automate some of these applications and scripts they were developing over the data. Most of these stakeholders are often really proficient with SQL and Python, but have less knowledge and experience with CI/CD, infrastructure, and monitoring.

To solve this problem, we started looking at some solutions that would allow these teams and individuals to easily deploy and run these different workloads in production, without having to develop an in-house solution that would require a lot of engineering time and maintenance.

After investigating multiple solutions to solve this problem, a clear winner stood out for us: Prefect.

Posted on Apr 21, 2022
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